You need to locate someone’s business or connect to someone socially immediately? Get it on iSearch. Get your information, transact the business or visit the address you got when you want to, just when you need it, no matter where you are. In iSearch just by knowing the name or word related to the contact or business needed you are connected, iSearch stores everyone’s business and contact in one platform. Your business can be contacted quickly and easily by anyone, from anywhere.





Getting business connections can be easy and fun in a social manner. Start by opening an account on iSearch. Add your own photo, personal skills and the service you offer, businesses/companies has the opportunity to create and add their own free online store and upload the products they sale, phone numbers, address, email, facebook account, twitter account, etc. and you will be connected, anytime, anywhere, by anyone. You no longer need to list out all your contact details, all you need do is ask people to connect to you or your business on iSearch and get all your contacts details, as long as you are listed on iSearch.





You search for a contact on iSearch with an identifiable name business or personal, and at the completion of the search, a list of related names with attached pictures appear, you identify the person or business and be required to send the contact, a contact request for personal or follow by business. The receiver, who must have an account with iSearch, gets a request buzz on his page and email, requesting that someone want to connect, and requests for his contact to follow his business; the receiver then accepts or denies request after verifying searchers details.





Everyone over the age of 10 or a business is listed on iSearch with a valid phone number, email address and a business address, can get connected whenever a searcher fines his/her business or sends a contact request on iSearch, you get a buzz on your page, no matter where you are, as far as you are connected to internet. However, you would need to get connected to the internet to be on iSearch to search and connect any person or business.





With iSearch you can locate services, business or products and jobs in your locality, just as your services, business and product and jobs can be located with ease and fast. Any search will deliver to you products/services listed on iSearch: business address, phone numbers, e-mail, websites, etc. When you get to a locality or an area and are in need of a product/services, with iSearch, all you need to do is search for the product/service on your mobile or any other device available to you with an internet connections and a list of registered companies that have pages in iSearch and offers the kind of services/product you need comes up, you visit their pages on iSearch to see their products/services in pictures and you make your choice of which to patronise and contact them.





In iSearch people will be at the comfort of their home and office, shopping at ease as if in market or the mall. In iSearch, registered companies with products/services would display their products/services on their business pages on iSearch, just like they display their goods in their stores in the market, and services in their offices with each displayed product/service description and amount attached with options for negotiation. Any interested customer or client visits as many companies as possible on iSearch shopping for the product/services they want and when they locate the product/service they want they can connect to the company and transact business, afterwards, probably engaged in a chat with the company online at the time.





In iSearch companies can post their vacancies on their page, just as an applicant can post his/her skills or service on their pages too. Any one in search of a job can search for a specific post and all related posted vacancies in iSearch appears and the applicant can make a choice from the list and contact the company. The same is applicable to any company with a vacancy for a position.





In iSearch, all listed businesses will duly be verified. Every company listed will have an address where they operate from. These addresses will be physically verified by ISEARCH LIMITED as a company, as a sign of trust to it user that any business with the tagged verified is to trusted that ISEARCH LIMITED can speak for those verified business, while any unverified business addresses will be tagged as unverified to authenticate all the businesses listed on iSearch.